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Stenden South Africa is the only Private Higher Education Institution offering a four year BBA Disaster Management Degree in the world, as well as offering a B.Com in Hospitality Management Degree.

Stenden South Africa is registered by the Department of Education under number 2002/HE10/001. Our degrees are accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee and registered by SAQA. The Bachelor of Commerce Hospitality Management degree is registered under number 63710, and the Bachelorof Business Administration of  Disaster Relief Managementis registered under number 90536.

Situated in the university town of Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, Stenden South Africa provides young adults with the grounding to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, private sector or with an NGO. It also equips them with the knowledge required in order to be successful in whichever country they choose to work. Stenden South Africa promotes a healthy student life while ensuring that each individual enjoys a good balance of education and social activity.

Students who study at Stenden South Africa are putting their best foot forward by choosing a quality education that will put them in good standing within their chosen career path.

With international campus sites located around the world, students are able to complete their studies in the country of their choice. This wonderful opportunity to experience new cultures is just one of the ways Stenden South Africa inspires students to become the best possible ambassadors.

Stenden South Africa is affiliated with the world renowned Mantis Collection of Boutique Hotels and Private Game Reserves.

*Stenden University is a University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. Over 10.000 students are studying and more than 800 employees are currently working at Stenden University. The university has campus sites in the Netherlands: Leeuwarden, Emmen, Groningen, Meppel and Assen; and international campus sites in Doha (Qatar), Bangkok (Thailand)Bali (Indonesia) and Port Alfred (South Africa). The university offers 3 associate degrees, 19 bachelor programmes and 4 master programmes in the fields of (Service) Management, Education, Care, Economics and Engineering.

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