B.Com Degree Hospitality Management

B.Com Degree Hospitality Management

Stenden endorses both a practical and theoretical approach to learning, believing that a balance between the two is the most beneficial approach. The first year is a foundation phase, and the following two years are the post foundation phase. Each year is divided into two semesters of two modules each.
Real World learning is the integration of theory and industry (practise) and is extremely important as:
  • It prepares students for professional life
  • It actively aids in Problem Based Learning, giving students the opportunity to test theories and techniques in real life situations
  • It provides students with contacts and assists in networking
  • Students are exposed to working life in a top, internationally recognised, learning hotel, such as MyPond Hotel or another partnering institution.
Stenden offers a three year Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hospitality Management, and is the only institution in South Africa to do so. Students will experience a critical practical learning experience in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of study, by working at a hotel learning facility such as My Pond Hotel for a number of weeks.

First Year

Semester 1:  Food and Beverage (F&B) and Rooms Division (RD) Semester 2: Guest Experience (GE) and Resources.
In their first year of study, students start at an operational level, working in the kitchen production process, familiarising themselves with essential practical skills such as:
  • The basics of hygiene and cooking and cutting techniques.
  • Waiting techniques
  • Learning about wine
  • Learning about nutrition
  • Cost calculations.
  • Operating the reception and housekeeping departments

Second Year

During their second year of study, students will learn the module ‘Performing Daily Operations’ which involves industrial orientation obtained through working in the various departments of a hotel approved by Stenden SA for a week. After this week is complete, they will then assist a departmental manager of their hotel for another week. Students are invited to suggest possible hotels to work at.

Third Year

Semester 1: Strategic Hospitality Management (SHM) and Hospitality Operations Management (HOM) Semester 2: Industrial Placement and Career Development Programme.
In the third year of study, students manage a department in the Stenden Restaurant, and effectively learn to be department managers. 
The practical component is emphasised, and students are involved in:
  • Managing and coaching first and second year students
  • Managing the service process for various guests
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Creativity
  • Financial management
  • Quality care
  • The balanced score card