Degree vs Diploma


Opposed to the program content in most diploma courses, the B.Com Hospitality Management degree and BBA Degree Disaster Management from Stenden South Africa focuses on the development of competencies required by today’s hotel manager.

Though the program has a strong industry focus, this focus comes mainly from a managerial perspective as opposed to the operational perspective taught in most diploma courses.

Stenden South Africa does not seek to educate waiters and chefs, but future hospitality leaders that possess the required operational skills and approach challenges from a managerial viewpoint.

Diploma Degree
Popularly regarded as a “second best” option Generally seen as a qualification with status
Access to the programme is generally available to anyone, regardless of academic background Access to the programme is generally based on academic achievement and ability
Training Education
Is usually complete in itself, and does not offer scope for further development Serves as a stepping stone to further specialisation, should one so desire.
Generally has acceptance and recognition only in the country of training It is generally accepted world-wide
Usually based on rote learning and subject specific texts and practices. Teaches one to think for oneself, and to reason logically and effectively
Produces workers in an operational setting Grooms people for leadership
Courses are usually put together by arbitrary lecturers based on their experiences Courses are generally based on international best-practice


What degrees can you study at Stenden South Africa?

Stenden South Africa offers 2 degrees:


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