Located in the Middle East, jutting out from the North East coast of Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a country with many unique facets. To the east lies Dubai and to the west lies Bahrain. Words to best describe the place in the heart of the Arabian Gulf are dynamic, modern and a rapidly developing country that is among the wealthiest in the world.

Doha is the capital of Qatar and the languages widely spoken are Arabic and English. Islamic beliefs and tribal traditions provide the foundations of the country’s customs, laws and practices. Thereare several islands near Qatar where you can go on day trips or hit the dunes 4×4-ing and experience desert camping at the same time. If food is your thing, you will love the cuisine which is influenced by neighboring countries such as Iran, Pakistan, India and Lebanon. Tourist attractions include the magnificent beach of Corniche Bay, the exotic Palm Tree Island and the Al Bida Park.
Why not choose to study in a place with great infrastructure, good weather and a hospitable culture. Apply to study International Tourism Management or Event Management at Stenden Qatar for a truly multicultural and international experience. Qatar – a land of rich cultural and traditional heritage which is carried forward from one generation to the next.
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Doha is the cultural and commercial heart of Qatar with a laid back atmosphere and an intriguing mix of old and new. Stenden University Qatar is the first and the only university specializing in Hospitality, Tourism Management and Business and Management Studies in the state of Qatar. The campus itself has lecture rooms, PBL rooms, computer rooms, wireless internet and a games area. Residential facilities for students will be coordinated by the university and are outside the campus in separate apartments in Doha. Qatar has an active Student Union which organizes many activities for the student body. There is a multi-cultural staff which includes 21 different nationalities.
Event Management 1 &
Event Management 2
International Destination Branding  
Change & Innovation  
International HRM​  
Regular modules IHM (2nd & 3rd year)​ Regular modules ITM (2nd & 3rd year)​
Regular modules IHM (2nd & 3rd year)​ Regular ITM modules (2nd & 3rd year)​
​Regular modules IBMS (2nd year) Regular modules IBMS (2nd year)​
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Stenden University Students Promote Qatari Creativity

To enhance the social responsibility of Qatari corporations and to support the increasing number of female Qatari designers, artists and handcrafters, 3rd year International Business Management students of Stenden University Qatar found a fantastic opportunity to organize a local Qatari exhibition to showcase the many arts and crafts Qatari women have to offer.

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