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South Africa is often referred to as The Rainbow Nation in order to describe the country’s newly-developing multicultural diversity. It is a country that is highly diverse in terms of its climate, culture, tourist activities and history.  South Africa’s scenic beauty, magnificent outdoors and wildlife has made it one of the world’s fastest growing travel destinations offering world-class surfing, safaris, diving and just about any other extreme sport you can think of.

Exotic combinations of landscapes, people and culture has made South Africa one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world. Unique to the traveler is Table Mountain, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, Robben Island and the wine lands. Why wait to experience a culture rich and distinctive in its art forms, music and traditional rituals?
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Port Alfred, known as the heart of the Sunshine Coast, is located in the Eastern Province of South Africa. Stenden South Africa is situated in the former ‘Kowie Grand Hotel’, with the hotel being converted into a campus containing lecture and problem based learning rooms, a library, computer room, dining hall and student accommodation. The campus has a student lounge called ‘Rustica’ and a student bar that is completely run by the students. The views from the front lawn allow one to see the stunning views of the marina and East Beach. The Wildlife module is offered at a separate campus called Madolo’s Retreat that is a former game lodge bordering Shamwari Game Reserve.


Minors Internships
Wildlife Management Community Empowerment CT
Lodge Management Community Empowerment OLB
Innovative Tourism Community Empowerment SPH
Humanitarian Management 2  
Advanced Wine Studies  
Event Management 1 &
Event Management 2
Change & Innovation  
International HRM  
Regular modules IHM (2nd & 3rd year)  
Regular modules IHM (2nd & 3rd year)  
This reader is designed to give you the relevant information for your Grand Tour® experience in South Africa. You will find information about South Africa as a country as well as information about the South African culture. Also several sights and tips are given on Port Alfred as well as where the Stenden South Africa Campus  is situated. Besides information about the country, you will find information about the programme which you will follow at the Stenden South Africa Campus site. There are different programmes offered in South Africa, a summary of each programme is mentioned in this reader. Also handy tips and information is given for your stay in South Africa as well. 

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What is the weather like in Port Alfred?

Summer lasts from mid-October to mid-February and is characterized by hot, sunny weather and thunderstorms that clear relatively quickly.  The only exception is the Western Cape where due to the Mediterranean climate, the rain falls during the winter months.

Autumn lasts from mid-February to April and is characterized by little rain and warm weather which is ideal for travelling and sightseeing.

Winter lasts from May to July and is characterized by cold, crisp days and cold nights in the plateau region.  Spring lasts from August to mid-October and the weather starts to get warmer.

Is it necessary to have a malaria injection before I arrive in South Africa?

No, it is not necessary to take tablets or get an injection prior to arrival.  It is suggested that you have it done when you arrive as the latest strain is available.  You will only need to have an injection if you plan to go to the Kruger National Park.

What will be provided for me in my accommodation?

Students are provided with towels, bedding and linen.  Beach towels are not provided but can be purchased in South Africa.  A laundry facility is available on campus for a nominal fee.

What is the safety and security like in Port Alfred?

Port Alfred is a very safe town, however, as in any place there is petty theft.  It is advised that students walk in pairs during the day and in groups in the evenings.  As is the case in any country, this is merely a precautionary measure.  Students should put wallets, laptops and cell phones away from the windows and out of sight during the day to prevent temptation.  Each student accommodation has a security guard patrolling the house at night and is there for the peace of mind of students. 

If I need to contact someone from Stenden South Africa urgently prior to my arrival, who should I contact?

Tamlyn Paterson of the Grand Tour Office should be your first point of contact.


Telephone:  +27 46 604 2206

If it is an emergency or your flight is delayed, you should contact Alroy Taai, Deputy General Manager.

Alroy Taai:


Telephone:  +27 (0)72 482 0423

I am bringing a surf board/windsurfing equipment.  Is it possible to have it transported to Port Alfred with Stenden transport?

Students bringing any sort of over-sized luggage need to contact Tamlyn Paterson from the Grand Tour Office prior to arrival to ensure that there is sufficient space.

What age do I need to be in order to rent a car?

In South Africa students need to be 23 in order to be eligible to rent a car.  However, Stenden has an agreement with the rental company ‘Avis’ and Stenden students who are 18 years of age and in possession of an international drivers license, can rent a car from the Port Alfred, Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth branches.

What is the schedule for the Wildlife students when we arrive in Port Elizabeth?

The Wildlife students are collected at the airport and then transported directly to the Madolo’s campus.  The bus does not go to Port Alfred first but rather directly to Alicedale where a separate orientation is arranged.

Is it possible for my friends and family to phone me at Madolo’s?

Although there is no cell phone reception at Madolo’s, there is a pay phone on the campus.  In the event of an emergency, the landline number is +27 (0) 42 231 1525.

Do I need to bring my uniform?

All students are required to bring either their Stenden uniform or a smart suit with them.  The IHM students need to bring their chef’s uniform as well.  These are essential for site visits, presentations, functions and cooking practicals.

Is there a shopping mall in Port Alfred?

There are two shopping malls in Port Alfred where you can find clothing stores, pharmacies, surf shops and supermarkets.  You can purchase a variety of western brands/products, for example L’Oreal, Dove and Nivea.

Will I be picked up at the airport in Port Elizabeth?

Students who have notified Grand Tour Holland that they require an airport pick-up will be collected from Port Elizabeth airport between 12:00 and 15:00 on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday PRIOR to the commencement of the module.  Students who arrive after 15:00 should book into the airport hotel for the night and be collected at 12:00 the following day.  You will be met by a member of staff holding a Stenden South Africa sign and be taken to your accommodation in either Port Alfred or Alicedale.

What if I have been travelling in South Africa for a week already and am making my own way to the campus?

Students making their own way to the campus can only check into their accommodation on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior to the module beginning.  Students need to inform Grand Tour of their arrival day at campus and can only check into their accommodation between 15:00 and 17:00 on the Saturday and Sunday.  Staff will be on campus until 17:00 on the Friday to assist with the check-in.

Where can I change money for my accommodation deposit?

The accommodation deposit is R1 150.00 which is refunded on the final inspection of student accommodation.  Students can exchange money in either Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth.  There are also ATMs outside the arrivals hall at the airport for those students who wish to withdraw money.

Is there internet at my accommodation?

There is no internet at the student accommodation; however, there is WiFi on the campus and a computer lab which is open 24/7.  There is no internet connection at the Madolo’s campus.