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Hospitality Management Degree

Get a head start in the dynamic world of hospitality management with an internationally recognised Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hospitality Management from Stenden South Africa.

Ask Yourself:

Can I see myself working at international destinations? Do I want to travel the world? Do I want to be employable globally?

If yes then our Hospitality Management Degree is for you! The world of hospitality management offers opportunities to travel, and the skills you'll learn at Stenden South Africa are recognised all over the world.

Do I like meeting new people? Do I like learning about their cultures? Do I get on well with people from all walks of life?

If yes hospitality management is for you! Being a people's person is the most fundamental trait in somebody working in the hospitality industry.

Choose Stenden South Africa

Experience the world of hospitality management first-hand with Real-World Learning. Practical experience and work-based learning takes place at the My Pond hotel in Port Alfred. The experience students gain here prepares them for working in the fast paced world of the hospitality industry.

The only internationally recognised Bachelor of Commerce Hospitality Management Degree in South Africa provides students with the business acumen that is a vital part of managing any business, alongside the practical experience Stenden South Africa offers.

Study abroad! Stenden South Africa is one of 5 campuses worldwide including Qatar, Bali, Thailand and Netherlands. We offer placement programs that allow students to complete part of their hospitality management degree abroad.

Meet new people, be part of a team and make friends that you'll keep forever. At Stenden South Africa student life is an important part of the education experience. Our campus is buzzing with activity outside of the classroom.