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Campus Life

"How does one even explain how life on campus is? It is new to some and exciting for all the newbies on campus. To the rest of us this is home... This module is full of new faces and new parties; it never gets old. We make new friends all the time! The only down side is parting with our Grand Tour friends at the end of every second module. There is always a positive vibe on campus, everyone is friendly and willing to help anyone who has a problem.

Here you learn something new about yourself all the time. Stenden South Africa is very cultured, so not only do we share our cultures with other people, we also get the opportunity to learn about other people's cultures too. For the first time Stenden South Africa is bringing in the events module, which is exciting for all the Fourth years. We have various sports that people can join to get fit and community projects to keep you sane. Life on campus is never the same!" - Written by Michelle Wu, a first year student at Stenden South Africa.